Our specialist team of tilt tray operators are dedicated to your towing requirements, whether it be a Broken Down Car, Recovery Salvage or a Motor Vehicle Accident.

We are only a phone call away in your time of need to make your ordeal as easy and stress free as possible.


Some of the many items we transport:

  • All motor cars including 4x4's & SUV'S
  • Prestige vehicles of all makes


We specialise in painting commercial vehicles to company's fleet colours, i.e. Stripes, Graphics or complete Resprays.

Ready to set your ride apart from other cars on the street?

Upgrade your factory vehicle with a body kit for awesome styling. Body kits or ground effects provide an innovative way to modify your vehicle’s appearance for a more streamlined, unique, and personalized look. Body kits are a collection of external add-ons that can be installed to upgrade the exterior appearance of your vehicle, improve the performance, and increase the value of your vehicle.

Most body kits modify the looks of the front and rear bumpers and the rocker panels of the vehicle. Many kits consist of custom bumpers that replace your factory bumpers or include lips or fascias that are added to your factory bumpers. Almost all body kits come with side skirts that are installed on top of your factory rocker panels. When installed together, they create a unified body design that is starkly unique from the factory design.

Ground effects or body kits often create the look of a lowered vehicle and can give your vehicle an aggressive look, a super-clean flowing look, or a race car look to name a few styles. Of all the available modifications, body kits can make the biggest impact on the appearance of your vehicle. Installing a body kit on your vehicle will completely change your vehicle’s look and will certainly turn heads as you drive down the street!

At Total Car Body Repairs, we paint and install all brands, supply the parts and we'll hook you up. Want a totally custom look? Total Car Body Repairs can take care of you and your vehicle!


We perform sevices with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and minimising the price you have to pay for repairs. We have the capability to provide routine service and maintenance through to major repairs on all types of vehicles including commercial, diesel, performance, 4WD and of course the everyday family car.